Happy Birthday Leap Day Skouters!

Happy birthday to all of you Leap Year babies in the SKOUT community! We learned a lot about those of you who were born on Feb. 29 during a recent survey. For example:

You were born in February, so you keep the birthday celebration in February.

  • When it’s not a leap year, you celebrate on Feb. 28 as opposed to March 1.

You go big or go home.

  • Your actual birthday only rolls around every four years. So, when the 29th does come around, you throw yourself a big party.

You consider yourself special.

  • And why shouldn’t you? You are a member of an elite group of people who call themselves Leap Year Babies.

You’re a thrill seeker.

  • Most of you are more adventurous and would definitely take the chance to go skydiving if it were presented to you. Perhaps you’re younger at heart?

We wish you the best on your special day. If you know any Leap Day Skouters, take this opportunity to give them a birthday gift!

Not sure how to give a gift in SKOUT? Click here to learn how.