‘Feature Me’ to Chat With More Skouters – Worldwide, Too!

Want to connect with more Skouters in your area – or even around the world? “Feature Me” puts you at the top of the list for Skouters to see! Skout is a geo-location platform that lets you connect with people near you. Feature Me ensures that no matter where Skouters, in your area, are searching for friends, your profile image will be viewed prominently from the top Feature Me scroll on the Meet screen.

Here’s how to make the most of Feature Me:

1. Open Skout on your device and tap Feature Me.

2. On this screen, you’ll see your Skout profile photo located in the layers of other photos. This shows where your placement would be in the Feature Me bar if you bid at the current value.

3. The way the feature works is thus: Near, Country and World are indicative of how Skouters are searching in the Meet grid. Skout is a geo-location app with a focus on meeting local people. Feature Me is specific to Skouters near your location. The reason you would choose World, then, is to make sure no matter what a local's search criteria is, you'll be seen prominently in the Meet scroll.

4. Once your bid is accepted, you will show up on Feature Me. Then just sit back and wait for the Chats to pop up!

Bonus tip! To really expand your horizons and meet new people from different cultures, feature yourself while traveling. To do this, you'll need to travel to the country using the Skout Travel feature first. Then, you can feature yourself in that location.