5 Skout Buzz Tips

Fun fact: You’re 85 percent more likely to receive a comment on your Buzz if you include a photo! Read on for five tips to get chatting with fellow Skouters today: Include a photo in your Buzz -- and be positive! -- to encourage more interaction with Skouters.

  1. Include a photo. Go beyond the standard selfie and make your Buzz stand out by posting unique photos. Skouters love dog and cat photos!
  2. Be positive. Plenty of people post negative Buzz, and from what we’ve seen, Skouters don’t want that and so they don’t engage in it. Leave the woe-is-me posts for your diary.
  3. Ask a question. Skouters LOVE to tell you what they think, so ask for restaurant and workout recommendations, which team they’re rooting for, book and film suggestions and more.
  4. Be friendly. People join Skout for many reasons: to make new friends, to chat with Skouters all over the world, and to find people to date, among other things. Don’t assume Skouters are here just to hook up – you’ll come across as creepy and aggressive.
  5. Proofread. Reread before you post! Typos have the potential to discredit your Buzz.